The Mystic Book of Principles

The Mystic Book of Principles

The Mystic Book of Principles

The Book of Mystic Principles

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The Book of Principles

Composed by Ben Ish Ehod

At first there was Darkness and Chaos. And out of Darkness, the Power brought forth Light.

With this light, all mysteries would be revealed.

With it, Man would be able to see from one end of the universe to the other. All the hidden worlds would be revealed to him.

But as long as Man would be under the power of Darkness, the Light would be concealed from him. Only if man pushed aside the Darkness would he recognize the Light.

With the creation of Adam, the period of preparation was finished. The period of fulfillment had begun.

Adam lived in a garden of Delight. In the First Language it was called Eden.

He did not have to do anything in order to live. He needed no contrived clothing or shelter, and his food was what grew at hand. His only task was to seek the Light. Through the light, he could know the Power. To recognize the truth of the Power though, he had always to defeat the force of Darkness.

The force of Darkness enveloped one of the primitive creatures exceedingly, and gave him the power of antagonistic magic. This primitive magician, in the First Language was called Nahash; the Serpent.

Adam and Eve climbed the Tree of Life, trying to draw nearer to the Light, so the Power might be more upon them. As they drew nearer, they heard the voice of the Power. It warned them to keep from the forces of Darkness.

The climb was long and difficult. It would take an eternity for the goal to be reached.

Nahash the Magician Snake met Eve and desired her. But as long as she was in the Light, she would never betray Adam. So he began to tempt her toward the Darkness.

Nahash said to Eve, “You are climbing the wrong tree. You can never reach the top. The tree you must climb is Self-Knowledge, where Light and Darkness come together. Only then can you reach the Power.

But Eve said to Nahash, “The Power has told us that we must keep away from Darkness. If we climb the Tree to Darkness, we will die”.

“You will not die,” replied Nahash. “If you climb the Tree of Knowledge, you will be asserting your independence. You will be independent, just as the Power is independent. You will bow to no master, just as the Power bows to no master. You will know Light and Darkness just as the Power does, who created them both. You can only reach the Power if you emulate It totally. To reach the Power, you must be like the Power. Otherwise, you will climb forever without reaching It”.

So Eve climbed the Tree, and Nahash took her. And because of his love for Eve, Adam also climbed the Tree with her.

After they had climbed the tree, they felt naked. They had lost their garment of Light. They hid in shame.

As a faraway wind, blowing through the trees, they heard the voice of the Power. Before, the voice was near, but now it was far. The voice beckoned, “Why did you climb without reason toward Darkness?”

“I wanted to be like You,” replied Adam. “Nahash told me that if I would climb this Tree of Knowledge, I would reach you.”

The voice continued, “Shall you then reach Me by drawing away vainly into yourself?” So the voice told Adam and Eve that they must be gone from the Garden of Delight.

For a long time, Adam and Eve were cut off from the Power. No longer could they hear the voice. For many years, they wept and begged the Power to forgive their disobedience. But they did not hear the voice.

When the Power saw that they had repented, a Being was sent to them. This was a being of Light, whose body was made of Cocept, and not of matter. This Being travelled through aeons of Concept, Name, Number, Time, and Space until it reached Adam. The name of this being was Mystery. In the first Language, it was called Raziel.

Raziel taught Adam and Eve all the mysteries of creation. He taught them how to travel through Space, Time, Number, Name, and Concept. And he taught them how to hear the voice again.

The Seven Principles

When Adam and Eve heard the voice, they understood from it Seven Principles. The Seven Principles paralleled the seven first things: Concept, Name, Number, Time, Space, and Matter; and the Universe itself. And they paralleled as well, the seven directions: up, down, right, left, forward, behind, and center. And they paralleled the seven days in which the world was created.

These seven Principles are:

1. Unity 2. Respect 3. Justice 4. Life 5. Love 6. Honesty 7. Kindness

By keeping these seven principles, Man would once again be able to draw close to the Power. He would once again be able to climb the seven branches of the Tree. And in time, he would be able to return to the Garden of Delight.

In the course of time though, these principles were forgotten by Adam’s descendants. They were ignored as Adam’s descendants began to assimilate with their primitive neighbors.

There were always a few individuals who lived by the Seven Principles. Adam taught them to Enoch. Enoch taught them to Methusalah, and Methusalah taught them to Noah. In Noah’s time, the Flood destroyed all of Adam’s descendants, and only Noah and his family survived.

Noah taught the Seven Principles to his children as a Brotherhood, and he understood the Seven Principles as Its pillars. Without them, the Brotherhood would never survive. And if the Brotherhood would not impart them to humanity, civilization would revert to chaos.

Keeping the Principles

Every member of the Brotherhood had to pledge to live by the Seven Principles. Only then could true mysteries be revealed to them. They would have to accept the principles and make them the guide for their lives.

The first principle is Unity. The first Unity was the Power, therefore, one may not make anything a partner with the Power. This implies that one not worship any form of idol.

The second principle is Respect. It is to the Power that the highest respect is due. And just as respect is due to the Power, respect is due to Its Name. This implies that one must not curse any name that is used for the Power, whether it be God, Lord, or any other name in any language.

The third principle is Justice. Without justice, civilization cannot exist, and there would be Chaos where the forces of Darkness would prevail. This principle implies that one not pervert justice in any way.

The fourth principle is Life. One must hold human life in the highest respect. This implies that one must not murder a fellow human being.

The fifth principle is Love. Love is the bond between Man and the Power. This is Great Love. It is reflected in the love between man and woman. This love must not be perverted. One must not pervert the love between man and wife, or between members of a family. Therefore, this principle forbids all adultery and incest.

The sixth principle is Honesty. This principle forbids robbing or stealing in any form.

The seventh principle is Kindness. This must extend even to animals. To Adam, this meant that one was forbidden to eat flesh from any animal. After the flood however, it was understood by Noah that the Power had really permitted the consumption of flesh, but flesh from a living animal was forbidden to eat or take. Before meat of an animal could be eaten, the animal would have to be killed.

The Negative Principles

Each of the Seven Principles thus implies a negative principle.

The principle of Unity implies the negative Principle forbidding idolatry. The principle of Respect implies the negative principle forbidding cursing a name used by the power. The Principle of Justice implies the negative principle forbidding the perversion of justice. The principle of Life implies the negative principle forbidding murder. The principle of Love implies the negative principle forbidding adultery and incest. The principle of Honesty implies the negative principle forbidding stealing and robbery. The principle of Kindness implies the negative principle forbidding eating the flesh from a living animal.

Thus, the seven negative principles can be seen as seven Commandments. They are often called the ‘Seven Commandments of the Descendents of Noah’.

These seven rules can be expressed as following:

1. Not to serve Idols. 2. Not to curse the Power’s name. 3. Not to pervert justice. 4. Not to murder. 5. Not to commit adultery or incest. 6. Not to steal. 7. Not to tear flesh from a living animal.

In order to have access to the Light, one must keep these seven rules. One who violates them is in the realm of Darkness. He cannot emerge from the Darkness until he pledges to keep all these rules and live by them as Seven Principles.

Once a person pledges to live by the Seven Principles, he can begin to climb the Tree of Life. He can then learn to perceive all mysteries and become One with the Power, and all power will be his.


Important Notice
The Book of Principles is a work of extreme depth and insight. No matter how intelligent you are, you must realize this work represents eternal principles which should be studied over and over again. Read these teachings over and over, and each time you will gain new insight.