Contemporary Holistic Nutrition

Contemporary Holistic Nutrition

Health Teachings from¬†Contemporary Holistic Nutritrion – English & Hebrew.¬†Health teachings from modern nutritional science and holistic values such as dietary habits of folk peoples from around the globe and agricultural sustainability…¬†Featured are brochure-format articles on nutrition from a popular grass-roots organization, the Weston A. Price Foundation, which concerns itself with maintaining up-to-date and accessible scientific research for all sensible nutritional ideas–both modern and ancient. Ideas of surprising possible interest, even among the long-time ‘holistically inclined’ might be insights regarding fermented foods, raw dairy, and the benefits of ‘organ meats’ when partaking of animal products. Actually, there’s much more; and the core philosophical values presented in these teachings tend to also reinforce advice found in Maimonides, the Talmud, Scriptures, and other Jewish sources from several perspectives. (PDF brochure links open in new browser screens). ‘Enjoy’!

Wise Foods - english

Wise Foods - hebrew

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