The Mystic Book of Beginnings

The Mystic Book of Beginnings

Mystic Principles – The Book of Beginnings

The Mystic Book of Beginnings

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The Book of Beginnings

Composed by Ben Ish Ehod

The Beginning. In the beginning there was… The idea cannot be completed. There is no word in any language for what was in the beginning.

It has been called by many names: God, Lord, Allah. Some prefer just The Power. But these are only names that come into existence after the beginning. Before the beginning there was no Name.

The Nameless One created Concept. And out of Concept came Name. And when Name existed, the Nameless One could be called by Name. The name that we use is The Power.

The Power created Number. The first number was one. And the Power was One.

The next number was two. The Power and Its creation were two. Then there were also the Creation, and reality both previous to Creation and after Creation. These were three. So the Power created time. Time was past, present and future, and it was threefold.

So there existed the two and there existed three. And two threes is six. So the Power thus created space. Space is six directions: up, down, right, left, front, and back.

Relative to six directions though, there must also be a center. So there were seven.

The seven directions in space though, in addition to the three aspects of time, total to ten. And so, The Power, with space and time, had created matter.

Matter was created in six stages, which the Bible calls the six days of creation. These six stages correspond to the six directions of space that matter would fill. The seventh day was the center. The six days also correspond to the six concepts created previously: Concept, Name, Number, Time, Space and Matter.

The seventh was the universe itself, which made it all one.

Seven Days

Thus, in the beginning, the Power created the universe.

On the first day, the Power created light. This is not just the light we see, but the force of light. This is the force of electricity and magnetism that bind the electron to the atom. With the electron bound to the atom, the universe was no longer chaos and void.

The electron would begin to revolve around the atom. The electron in one atom would hold on to the electron in another, and atoms would come together. There would be gasses, liquids, and solids.

Electrons would interact with each other, and they would bring atoms to interact. Chemistry came into existence. Compounds would become more and more complex.

The light was good.

So there was matter and there was light.

The matter could cast a shadow in the light. So there was darkness. And the Power divided between light and between darkness. So there was evening and there was morning, one day (division).

On the second day, the Power divided between Concept and Matter.

Matter was the universe.

Concept was the laws animating the universe or nature, and the keys to these laws. It was called the Spiritual. And the Power called it Heaven.

It was evening and it was morning, a second day.

On the third day, the Power created the force of gravity. Matter would warp space and time so that matter would draw toward matter. Water would run into seas. Matter would be able to condense into stars and planets. And all matter condensed into one large mass.

In this mass, the Power made an adjustment in the electron. Electrons would pull together, and matter would combine into more and more complex patterns. These patterns would become almost infinitely complex, and life would be possible. But this was only in preparation for the very distant future.

It was evening and it was morning, the third day.

On the fourth day, The Power began the process that would give rise to stars and planets. The single mass of matter exploded and spread out to form the universe. Matter would condense into galaxies, and galaxies into stars and planets. The world as we know it would begin. The promise of light was now fulfilled.

It was evening and it was morning, the fourth day.

On the fifth day, the Power began the process that would eventually result in life. The Power had allowed biological form to emerge in the waters, reproducing itself. The promise of the laws of nature had now been fulfilled.

It was evening and it was morning, the fifth day.

On the sixth day, the Power refined the evolutionary potential so as to allow the higher animals to develop. This would eventually lead to the evolution of man.

The Power created a principle in matter so that when a degree of complexity such as that found in the human brain is reached, it would be able to interact fully with Concept. This aspect of Concept would be the human soul. It is this Concept that would make man unique among all creatures.

This principle exists in all matter, and hence the potential for intelligence exists throughout the universe. The promise of the third day had been fulfilled.

It was evening and it was morning, the sixth day.

On the seventh day, the Power rested.

Once the six days of creation were over, the Power allowed the universe to develop by itself. The laws of nature and the properties of matter have been fixed for all times. Nothing would be added, and nothing taken away.

Fifteen billion years passed. The Power had created the initial matter of the universe with all the properties that would guarantee that it would develop according to the Power’s plan.

Each thing came forth in its time as planned. The one mass of matter exploded and created light. The particles separated; space became apparent, and matter was separated from space. The matter condensed into galactic clusters, and these separated into galaxies. Out of the galaxies were formed stars, and around the stars; planets and moons.

The spark of life was ignited in the seas, and the seas swarmed with creeping creatures. Soon, fish filled the seas and began to look toward the dry land. Life escaped the sea, and the land teemed with reptiles and dinosaurs. When the age of dinosaurs came to an end, the world was populated with mammals.

Just as the properties of matter cause a symmetrical crystal to grow, so the laws of nature that The Power had implanted in the universe made the evolution of life inevitable. Life evolved higher and higher until its goal was reached in the form of man.

In man, the brain grew more and more complex. Intelligence began to glimmer and then to shine forth. The brain became complex enough to interact with Concept. The stage was set for man to become Man.

Twenty-five thousand years ago, the human brain made its first contact with Concept. Man had developed all the capacities that we possess today. He had evolved from the dust of the earth, but he still lacked the unique relationship with Concept that would make him Man. The Power was waiting for the right individual to be born.


On September 18th; 3781 years before the Common Era, this individual was born. He grew up like all the other men of his time. But he was more intelligent and more in contact with Concept than any of the others. He saw more deeply, and heard more clearly. He looked beyond the world of the senses to seek out the mystery.

And he was chosen to be Man. The Power breathed a soul of life into him, and his mind was totally opened to Concept. And from Concept there was Name, and so he gave names to all things. And he knew that his name was Man. But in the First Language, his name was Adam.

The Power gave Adam and his descendants the gift of great wisdom and inventiveness. His birth marked a miraculous flowering of creativity. Within his lifetime, man changed his way of life on the planet more than it had changed in a million years.

Adam and his children learned how to weave cloth and make clothing. They discovered how to work metals and make tools. They found out how to harness animals, and how to plow the soil. They made the first wheel, and used it to move things and to make pottery. They built boats and began to move forward on the seas.

These initial developments were rudimentary. But they were the foundations of civilization.

But the greatest gift that had been given to man was the ability to reach out to the Power. Of all men, only Adam was sensitive to the Power and could learn how to communicate with it.

The first Woman was a true reflection of Adam. She had all the traits of this more evolved man Adam. Her name was Lifegiver. In the First Language it was Eve.

Adam and his family lived on the upper Euphrates River, near Mount Ararat (in what is now eastern Turkey). His children had children, and soon they were a tribe. They lived alone, cut off from other men. They bred only among themselves, and preserved the unique gifts that they had been given.

The descendants of Adam eventually rediscovered the less concerned and aware people around themselves. As generations passed, Adam’s descendants began to intermarry with these more primitive humans. The spiritual gifts were then taken for granted, and it became more difficult to commune with the Power.

Ten generations passed, and Noah was born. He was a direct descendant of Adam and Eve from both parents’ sides. The tribe that had sprung from Adam was now totally corrupt though, and could no longer identify with Concept. However, with Noah the Power would begin again. In the First Language, Noah means comfort and rest, which is how the bond with the Power was primarily renewed through him.

The Great Flood struck the Euphrates Valley, killing all of Adam’s descendants, with the exception of Noah. The geological upheaval accompanying the flood produced volcanic fumes and tidal waves that swept over the entire globe. A memory of this flood thus survives in legends in every corner of the earth.

Noah’s spiritual gifts were not as great as those of Adam, but he was able to pass them down to his children.

So that his children not be destroyed again, Noah founded the Brotherhood. When Noah died, leadership went to his son Shem. It was later headed by Shem’s son Eivir.

Noah’s descendants began migrating to the southeast, and ended up in Babylonia (now Iraq). Again they began intermingling with the primitives and marrying among them. The teachings of the Brotherhood were forgotten, preserved only by Shem and Eiver. In the first language, Shem means Name. Eiver means Transition. Adam had been Concept, Shem was Name, and Eiver was to provide the transition through which the Brotherhood would survive.

Adam’s descendants saw that they were beginning to assimilate with the tribes around them. They wanted to preserve their identity. It was not because they wanted to commune with the Power though, but because they wanted to be famous and great. So they began building a tower to match the Power with their own knowledge, but the Power would not let them finish, as they separated. The descendants of Adam remain thus, scattered all over the world, each with his or her own unique, but incommunicable skills and knowledge of the Power.

The Brotherhood survived. All mysteries were known to them. All the wisdom that Adam and Noah had known was preserved by them. And it has been preserved until this day.

The Brotherhood was held together and preserved by the Principles. For without the Principles, there could be neither mysteries nor wisdom.


Important Notice
The Book of Beginnings is a work of extreme depth and insight. No matter how intelligent you are, you must realize this work represents eternal principles which should be studied over and over again. Read these teachings over and over, and each time you will gain new insight.